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Your One Stop Solution For Time Tracking, Gaining Project Insights, and Getting Paid Faster.

Pivotime is a cutting-edge, web based, time tracking tool that can calculate billable hours based on various rates such as overtime and double time. Users can also include receipts and other expenses to calculator the overall cost of a particular job. Employees and Projects can be archived and called up later for review as well reports can be prepared for your clients to review.

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The Right Tool For Your Workflow.

  • Employees and contractors can log their own hours.
  • Track expenses and costs of your projects.
  • Tracks profit and loss.
  • Provides reports for T & M jobs as well as contract jobs.
  • Payroll integration.
  • Easy to learn and use with an intuitive interface.
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Advanced features

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Profit Tracking

Trace your profit so no loss will emerge out ever.

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Time Tracking

Form a habit of utilizing every second constructively.

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Log Your Hours

Know about the span to maintain the consistency.

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Track Your Costs

Stare on your expenses to manage your finances wisely.

Future Versions of Pivotime include

Invoicing customers direct from your timesheets.

Employee scheduling.

Geo tracking from site address.

Mileage counter.

App to be downloaded from Apple and Android stores.

Plus more.

Pivotime was created for a need to find a program that was cost effective and simple to use. Running a small business takes up a lot of time and effort. Everyone one wants to sell you something and in the end it eats up your cashflow, and worse, your time. It can be difficult to figure it all out when you have multiple projects running at the same time. I was looking for something easy to use, easy to learn, economical and more importantly , save time and stress so I can doing other things. Pivotime grew out of what I need for my business and my hope was to create something I can share with other as we navigate the construction industry. I use the web app everyday for my construction company that focuses on millwork installations. I hope that this program can work for you, so you we can all have a little Pivotime as well. Cheers.
Richard Havlik, Director of Pacific Northwest Projects

- Richard Havlik

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